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Regulations in force since 10.10.2014.

1 Information and general provisions 

1.1. Pursuant to art. 8 paragraph. 1 point 1 of the Act of 18 July 2002. Provision of services electronically (Journal. Laws No. 144, item. 1204, as amended. Amended) POINT-OF-CARE, based in Warsaw establishes these rules of use and the provision of electronic services, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations and agrees to abide. 

1.2. Regulations define the rules for the use of the portal and how it operates. The provisions of these regulations and the provisions of law in force in the Republic of Polish, define the rights and obligations of the customer portal and the obligations and responsibilities of the entities that have the right to sell the services available through the portal 

1.3. The operator of the service is POINT-OF-CARE (hereafter with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Andrzej Soltan 12/62, 01-494 Warsaw, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs CEIDG, NIP: 5222927303, number: 143184940. 

1.4. To use the is completing 18 years here, the ability to act and to accept and respect all of its conditions. Acceptance of these conditions is automatically binding and legally effective declaration of intention and provides civil legal obligation between the Client and 

1.5. Commissioning of Use constitutes full acceptance and confirmation of understanding of the terms hereof (including the privacy statement). 

1.6. The content, infrastructure, and the reservation system, which are components of the portal are made available to customers solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Therefore, customers have no right to sell the contents of the portal, post on their pages deep links (deep-link) to the portal, copy, use special programs for searching the contents, display, retrieve and distribute any content or information, software, products or services available on the website for any purpose and activities of a commercial or competitive. 

2 Definitions - a portal that allows customers to browse, search, on-line booking and purchase of medical tourism services offered by the property. 

Customer - a natural person or legal entity possessing the legal capacity (within the meaning of the Civil Code) and are booking tourist services through medical 

Object - an entrepreneur providing services (medical, wellness, rehabilitation, health, accommodation, catering, etc.) and offering them to the portal 

The operator of online payments - a company dedicated to (in the book) execution of payment by credit cards and electronic transfers. 

Confirmation of reservation - a document sent by electronic means, which is the only form of confirmation of booking. 

Book return - Booking subject to change or withdrawal; the terms of such reservation depends on the policy object, the type of offer and are in the description of each offer. 

Non-refundable reservation - booking is not subject to change or withdrawal; the terms of such reservation depends on the policy object, the type of offer and are in the description of each offer. 

Services - all tourist and medical services provided by Object. 

Stay - offer with certain services, the price quoted by the object is for one day. Length of stay and the number of people using it depends on your needs. 

Package - 'closed' offer designed for a specific number of people, lasting a determined period and containing well-defined services. 

3 Types and scope of services provided through the site 

3.1. portal allows customers understanding of the types of medical tourism services offered by the property. 

3.2. Filters search portal help clients select objects with the Services corresponding to their preferences. 

3.3. allows customers to book tourist services offered by medical facilities, as well as for not making payments. 

3.4. allows customers clinics find objects corresponding to their preferences, contact them and make preliminary rezerwacji. The last purchase of services offered by the medical clinic takes place without the mediation of the portal 

3.5. The customer portal may voluntarily provide your email address to receive special offers (Newsletter). Voluntary provision of e-mail account means that the customer agrees to transfer, by electronic means, commercial information (within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2010. Provision of services by electronic means) to the account specified by the customer and on other e-mail account , which (in conjunction with account settings) is forwarded e-mail correspondence from the account specified by the customer. 

4 Online reservation of tourist-medical 

4.1. The customer becomes familiar with the booking conditions contained in the tender object and its price. Then, if all the conditions of the tenders meet his expectations, fill in the reservation form. 

4.2. Customer during the booking process, declares that it accepts the provisions of these Regulations, as well as consent to the processing of personal data for the implementation of the reservation. 

4.3. The customer makes a reservation tourism and medical services, stating that their personal details such as name of the person notifying her contact information (address, phone number, email address) and personal information of other persons covered by the reservation Services. 

4.4. Customer makes an electronic payment for reserved services in whole or in part, in accordance with the terms of payment for the Stay or package. 

4.5. After successful completion of the booking process, customer receives (to your email address) Confirmation. Confirmation is the only document of booking. 

The customer is obliged to print the Confirmation of booking and present it to the facility. It contains all the conditions of the contract and contact details to the object (postal address, email address, phone number, URL). 

The customer is obliged to ensure that the received electronic confirmation of your reservation and information contained therein are consistent with a complex reservation and customer data. 

If such a document Confirmation booking portal, or to provide a document that contains errors, the Customer is obliged to immediately notify this 

5 Methods of payment 

5.1. Payment for services must be made ​​in accordance with the conditions set by the Facility payments for the offer. 

5.2. Partial or overall payment for the reserved services can be made at the time of arrival to the object when it is defined in terms of payment for the Service given by the Facility. 

5.3. Partial or overall online payment takes place in the time of electronic booking through online payment systems operators PayPal or Allegro. 

5.4. The operator of online payment service PayPal is free, easy and secure online payment system. With PayPal payments, online shopping can be faster, more comfortable and safe for buyers. PayPal is the most popular electronic payment system in the world. Transfer costs shall be borne solely 

5.5. The operator of an online payment Allegro allows payment by credit card and a bank transfer from your bank account. These payment methods are fully secure, since the exchange of information between the portal and Allegro system is encrypted using SSL technology. Information reaches to the bank in a fully secure and are not vulnerable to theft. In the case of a failed authentication, please contact Customer Service to change the method of payment. Transfer costs shall be borne solely 

6 Cancellation and rebooking 

6.1. Non-refundable reservations are not subject to cancellation or modification. Information about the type of book can be found in the description of each offer. 

6.2. Bookings may be subject to feedback cancellation or modification, provided that the terms will be retained and the way they make specified by the Object. Information about the type of booking and conditions under which there may be changes in the description of each offer. 

7 Liability of the Customer 

7.1. The customer is obliged (prior to booking / purchase services through the portal to read the Terms and Conditions of Use 

7.2. The customer is obliged to print booking confirmations and to present it in the Facility. 

7.3. Customer is responsible for administration in accordance with the truth of personal data and other relevant data on the reserved / purchased services of medical tourism. 

7.4. Any service purchased or reserved by the customer must be paid by him in accordance with the price applicable on the day of booking services. 

7.5. Customer agrees to abide by the regulations in force in the Facility, which bought / booked services. 

7.6. The customer is obliged to cover the cost of any damage caused to the Facility as a result of their own actions or the actions of those accompanying him. 

8 Liability 

8.1. states, and the customer is aware that does not provide services presented by the portal, and consequently the parties shall consider the following: 

a) only presents information supplied by the property and is not responsible for the content posted by property portal If the description of the quality of services differs from the facts, for improper completion of the contract is solely responsible Object. 

b) The property takes full responsibility for any problems resulting from incorrect or upgraded data. 

c) not responsible for any damage caused to the Customer as a result of acts or omissions of individual objects. 

d) In the event of customer claims against the Facility for non-performance or improper performance of the services, they should be addressed directly to the object with a notification 

e) is not liable for damages caused by the lack of availability of reserved services, where the property has sold more than they had. 

8.2. is not responsible for the content posted, stored or transmitted by Customers 

8.3. not liable for benefits lost by the Customer or any third party in connection with interruptions or disruptions in the use of the portal 

8.4. not be liable for non-performance or improper performance of activities in the course of service if it is caused by force majeure. Force majeure shall be understood in particular strike, administrative decisions, judicial decisions, failures of telecommunication networks or gateway systems of other entities or irregularities in the functioning of the Internet. 

8.5. is not liable for damage caused by computer viruses and other software of this type, arising in connection with the use by you of this website 

9 Powers 

9.1. reserves the right to temporarily block access to selected content of the website and the right to introduce additional restrictions and blockages in the service, in the event of fraud or attempts to act to the detriment of 

9.2. reserves the right to temporarily disable the service to repair, upgrade, modification or maintenance of equipment or software, without prior notice of the clients. 

10 Complaints 

10.1. Complaints relating to the Facility, should be addressed directly to the object of the notification 

10.2. All complaints regarding should be notified in writing no later than 72 hours after the occurrence of the event giving rise, in the opinion of the Client, the need to file a complaint no later than 48 hours after checking out of the Facility. 

10.3. If will not be informed of the problem occurring in the above deadlines, it may prevent the processing of your complaint. 

10.4. is obliged to consider the customer complaint within 14 days of receiving the, to define a position at this time, is synonymous with appreciation because of the customer. 

11 Data Protection and Privacy Policy 

11.1. Administrator of your personal information is portal, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data (Act of 29 August 1997. Protection of Personal Data - Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883 with later. D.). Personal data is stored and processed by with appropriate security measures meet the requirements of Polish law. 

11.2. fully respects the right to privacy and protection of personal data and declares that it does not provide for marketing information about customers to third parties. 

11.3. Customers portal consent to the processing of their personal data by the purpose of rendering services through the portal and for marketing purposes service. 

11.4. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, necessary in order to successfully implement the service. 

11.5. While the data will be processed, the person, the data subject shall have the right of access and the right to correct them. 

11.6. To facilitate the use of the site, the managing mechanism uses technology known as cookies - information stored by the server on your computer. It is not used to obtain any data about visitors to site navigation or tracking them. You may at any time be disabled in your browser option to accept cookies. This will, however, some difficulties in using the service. 

11.7. Accept the server logs (IP address, domain) are stored indefinitely and used to generate statistics to assist in the administration of the service. These summaries are cumulative and contain no identifying features of the site visitors Logs are not disclosed to persons outside the management of the service. 

12 Copyrights 

12.1. Copyrights to the songs contained on the website entitled Customers have the right to service only for private purposes, to view the information on the portal, making their record in the form of temporary files, and print selected pages. 

12.2. Name portal -, its concept, graphic design and database are the property of and are protected by law. 

12.3. reminds about the risks associated with the use of the Internet, in particular, such as the ability to take over, by persons or entities unauthorized personal data during their tele. 

12.4. Customers undertake not to take action to deliver illegal content. 

12.5. Additional questions, as well as complaints related to the use of the portal, please contact the mailing address: POINT-OF-CARE, ul. Andrzej Soltan 12/62, 01-494 Warsaw or email address 

13 Final provisions 

13.1. In matters not regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code and the common law Polish. 

13.2. Any disputes related to the services provided by, arising from the use of the portal, shall be resolved by the general court competent for the seat 

13.3. reserves the right to change the Rules at any time. Information about changes in the Regulations and cause the changes will be made available on the portal with the new content of the Regulations. Amendments to the Regulations does not apply to those bookings, for which the booking procedure has been initiated by the Customer before the introduction of amendments to the Rules. 

13.4. The amended regulations come into force from the moment of placing it on the page above. 

13.5. Regulations are available at the headquarters POINT-OF-CARE, and on the portal