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What is What exactly is the Who created the portal innovative medical tourism portal, was founded in 2012. By POINT-OF-CARE - Polish distributor of medical products company Woodley Equipment. 

MedQuest is a leading organizer of health and wellness holiday packages, having its registered office in Warsaw. Dziękito complete novelty on the Polish market, offering comprehensive and quality services is currently the most modern in Poland portal for holiday packages in the industry of health. service was launched in October 2014. Offers over 600 variety of spa packages, health, fitness, wellness and beauty, in over 100 destinations in Poland. Anyone find something interesting for yourself. 

MedQuest team are people with experience and passion. 

Who is Anna - Virtual Advisor?

Our Virtual Advisor - Anna helps in searching for the best for you medical center in Poland. With the help of Anna, you will find centers of healing your ailment, a list with the status of the spa town of whether, for example. Profiles for their healing and disease entities.

How you can search listings on the site?

There are many job search criteria, and here's the basic: 

- Bookmark object type clinic, spa, spa, spa with Spa, Hotels, B & B 

- Filters: therapeutic profile, location, number of people, size of rooms, price of your stay, amenities available on premises, objects in the preferred natural environments, objects supported in the selected language 

- By the base ailments - Diagnostician module helps to find objects that specialize in the treatment of specific ailments 

Can I search Jobs by ailments?

At the moment it is possible to also find listings of ailments. Just in the search engine to find the interesting letter ailment, then displayed offers matching your criteria.

What is included in the room / suite?

All services included in the price of the offer (stay or package) are listed in the description of the offer. It depends on the rules prevailing in the object

Is breakfast included in the price?

It depends on the object, but in most facilities breakfast is included in the price.

Can I cancel a breakfast at the hotel, if it is included in the price? Is the price of your stay will be reduced if you resign from breakfast?

Price is indivisible - if the offer is written in the description that the hotel offers B & B, you must pay the full amount. There are also offers free breakfast.

Are all prices are per room or per person?

It depends on the rules prevailing in the object and the particular offer.

I booked the hotel, but did not receive a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

Please double check your e-mail, including the spam folder / junk messages whose address you provide during the booking process. If you have registered on the site, is to check all information contained in the confirmation email, you can also enter the My Account tab. 

However, you must promptly contact the operator of the service, as confirmation of registration you need to print and present at the hotel upon arrival. 

If you need help, please click the following link: contact us. (Contact) 

In what period of time before the arrival cancel a reservation without any financial consequences?

It depends on the hotel and the selected offer. Terms of cancellation and rebooking are various, and are given in the description of each offer. 

However, please check the rules on cancellation prior to its amendment. The non-refundable bookings and special offers can not be canceled options. 

When can I be sure that my booking has been effectively canceled?

After canceling the booking you will receive from the property an e-mail confirming the cancellation. Very, please check your inbox, including spam folder. 

If you have not received an e-mail with confirmation of the cancellation, please contact the facility and with the Operator. 

Will I get from MedQuest confirmation that I made the reservation?

So will be sent an email containing a reservation number and a brief description of all the agreed conditions of stay. 

What types of payments support system MedQuest?

Credit card payment system (PayU) 

Payment by bank transfer online (PayPal) 

Can I book a stay, without a credit card?

Credit card payment, due to the speed is the recommended form of payment in the service If for some reason you can not use the card, it is possible to pay by electronic transfer. 

Is it possible to pay for your stay when you arrive at the hotel / sanatorum / spa?

Everything depends on the terms of the offer and the rules prevailing in a given object. This information you will find in the description of each offer. 

Who holds the data of my credit card? Are my credit card details safe?

MedQuest does not store any data of your credit card. Payments are handled by the operator of the payment system (PayPal or Allegro). Your personal data and payment card details are completely safe and always sent encrypted connection. 
Our secure server is based on Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is commonly used in our industry. 

Our SSL certificate has been issued by Thawte. 

Can I pay cash?

Everything depends on the terms of the offer and the rules prevailing in a given object. This information you will find in the description of each offer. 

Who can help me on the spot?

If you have any questions or needs, please ask the staff object. If the employee can not help you, please contact us. data are placed in the Contact section. 


At the bottom of the page, on the right side there is a window for saving up to our newsletter. 

Who can write a review? Are they reliable?

Anyone who makes a reservation for will be asked to write an opinion at the end of your stay. So opinions are added only by persons who have used the services offered by This means that they are very reliable. 

Can you post an opinion anonymously?


What is included in the price?

All the facilities listed in the description of the offer are included in the price. To see it, just click the name of the offer. This information can also be found on your confirmation email and on the My Account tab. 

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

When you go through the process of booking page appears with the confirmation. You will find there all the details, such as the reservation number. Booking confirmation with all the data you receive from us the e-mail and through the My Account page. 

Can I cancel or change your reservation through the website

Do not. Reservations can be changed or canceled only by contact with the object, we booked services.

Where can I find a phone number and / or email address hotel?

Contact details are available on each hotel page. In addition, after booking all of the data object, such as a phone number and e-mail address, web address., Are included in the booking confirmation online, e-mail confirmation and on My Account. 

How do I check how much room?

After entering the dates of your stay will be shown on the prices and all available room types. 

I enter credit card information. When will she pay?

The credit card charge should occur immediately after confirmation of payment, in specific cases, it may take longer, up to 24 hours.

We travel with children. Is the room has an extra bed / cot?

Detailed information on extra beds / cots and residence of children, can be found in on each hotel page. In the course of booking, select how many children and at what age you plan to spend your stay. We suggest that prior to arrival by contacting the property directly. Contact details provided in the email confirmation.

How do I search for hotels that offer specific facilities such as an indoor swimming pool?

On the home page, select the "sanatoriums and spas," and then click on the drop-down list with the types of resorts and select "hotel" 

The list of available hotels. Then, on the left you will see the option "available in the facility," where you can choose a specific search categories. For example, if you select the filter "WiFi", you will be able to search for only those objects that have Wi-Fi. 

How do I limit the search results to the hotels that offer facilities for the disabled?

On the home page, select the "sanatoriums and spas," and then click on the drop-down list with the types of resorts and select "hotel" 

The list of hotels. On the left side there is a window filtering. In the "Available in the object" you can select "Facilities for the disabled". Selecting this option will narrow the search to objects that meet your requirements. In addition, you can contact the property in advance to confirm availability. 

Are my credit card details safe? booking process uses a secure link: 
Your personal information and your credit card details are encrypted. 
Our secure server is based on Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is commonly used in our industry. 
Our SSL certificate has been issued by Thawte. 

can I tell us your special wishes, for example, a room with a sea view twin room on a particular floor, or special dietary needs?

All special requests can be included in the "special requests" in the comments. After receiving confirmation of your reservation you can contact the hotel directly and see if your wishes be fulfilled. 

Is the amenities in the room I booked are guaranteed?

Yes, the facilities listed in the description of the room are guaranteed by the object.

Where can I find directions to the hotel?

Information regarding directions to the hotel are available in several ways: 
The confirmation email will include a link with a map of directions, on which are marked the hotel. You only need to select a starting point. 
You can also enter the coordinates of the hotel to the GPS device, including instructions for directions available in the My Account tab.