Dental implants

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Dental implant treatment is safe and efficient, fully replacing missing natural teeth and leaving the neighbouring teeth intact. In the DENTestetica clinic, dental implant surgical procedures are conducted exclusively by second degree specialists in dental surgery, prosthodontics or periodontology who have completed advanced training programmes.

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Implant insertion, which is absolutely painless, is performed under local anaesthesia or, if requested by the patient, sedoanalgesia which, in turn, is supervised by an anaesthesiologist. We employ proven implantation systems that have an international warranty called an implant pass. To position titanium rods, we use high-tech rotation devices (implant micromotors - physio dispenser) and state-of-the-art ultrasound knives (piezo surgery), commonly used by neurosurgeons. The implantation procedure is preceded by precise, 3D diagnostic tests: cone beam CT scans.

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Cracow, Silesian Voivodeship

Dental implants

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